Get Involved

York University recognizes there may be students, faculty, staff, and alumni that are interested in giving back to their community as we navigate the implications of COVID-19. Listed below are several ways you can get involved.

Supporting students

Volunteering in the community

Please note that these volunteer opportunities are independent of academic studies or work requirements at the University. As a volunteer, the University’s insurance coverage, WSIB coverage through the University (including the coverage applicable during student placements), financial support, or logistical support would not be available to you.

If you are a local non-profit, please complete this brief form  to help us understand your current volunteer needs.

Jane/Finch Centre

Grocery Hero

EmpowHER program - The Centre for Education & Training (TCET)

Designed to increase civic engagement by girls & women between the ages of 18-29 in the Peel Region, the EmpowHER program helps young women find their strengths, refine their skills, develop impactful relationships and BE THE DIFFERENCE.

With the skills, confidence, network and emotional support that the participants received from TCET and from each other, the love of giving is ingrained in all of them. Many of them found good jobs from the skills they learned, received amazing letters of references for schools of their choice, developed interesting resumes and gained valuable networks. EmpowHER will give you an opportunity.

EmpowHER is looking for 48 special women who will continue to change the world, become great leaders and Be The Change that we all need. So, if you are that young woman who has the courage to open her world, who has the will to expand her horizon, please join us.

To volunteer and for more information please email Therese Guidolin.

COVID-19 Resources Canada

COVID-19 Resources Canada was started to serve as a reliable source of information and expertise to facilitate COVID-19 research and community-based initiatives across the country

So far we have established a volunteer database that includes over 4,000 people nationwide (including 3,000 volunteers in Ontario) who are interested in helping with Canadian COVID-19 research efforts and community initiatives. Volunteers include researchers, students, and medical and allied healthcare professionals who want to share their expertise, and community members who seek to help their fellow Canadians.

COVID-19 Resources Canada has also created a reagent database to share or obtain much needed reagents for diagnostic and research applications. Researchers can search our listing of funded projects to find collaborators, as well as an up-to-date posting of funding opportunities. These opportunities cover a diverse range of COVID-19 related subjects including vaccines and therapeutics, diagnostics, epidemiology, fundamental science, social and behavioural sciences, public health, and many more.

Please see the website for more information.

Government of Canada

The Government of Canada is working with provincial and territorial governments to respond to COVID-19. We are seeking volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Case tracking and contact tracing;
  • Case data collection and reporting; and,
  • Health system surge capacity.

We are building an inventory of volunteers from which provincial/territorial governments can draw as needed. Please visit our recruitment page to submit your name to join us in Canada’s response to COVID-19.