Community Update #25 COVID-19 - Founders Residence Update - March 28

This is a follow up to our March 25 communication advising our community of a potential COVID-19 case in our Founders Residence.

We would like to inform you that Toronto Public Health (TPH) has conducted a careful and thorough assessment of risk to our community members. TPH has communicated by telephone and email with those residents who are considered to be close contacts, and these people will continue to be in self-isolation for 14 days.

All other Founders residents are being advised to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection for 14 days. They are no longer required to be in self-isolation, but should limit contact with others, especially in health-care settings with seniors and/or other vulnerable populations.

To protect people’s privacy, TPH does not share personal health information externally. When a positive COVID-19 case is confirmed in Toronto, TPH immediately begins an investigation to interview the person and determine where they may have gotten the infection and identify their close contacts. They follow up directly with the person’s close contacts to assess potential risk and provide further instructions, as needed. Contact tracing is a critical part of their response for COVID-19.

For the latest information and updates and for guidance on care and support services please refer to our COVID-19 website.

We encourage everyone to take care of themselves and thank everyone for your continued efforts to ensure your personal safety and the safety of the York community.

Samina Sami

Executive Director

Community Safety